NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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THE BEST Crystals for The Fall Season

The Best Crystals for The Fall Season

Crystals aren’t magic. They are powerful — but as conduits. They don’t have superpowers that take over for us, commandeering the outcomes of our lives. They work with us, not for us, as high-vibrational entities that help to ground and access source energy that we all contain passage to, intermingled with and buried deeply beneath our multitudes.

It can be difficult to hold an inanimate object and feel life, especially if we’ve been feeling low lately. Low energy, low emotions, low light … These are all part of the human experience, and it doesn’t make us any less of an energetic being. But it does mean there is room for growth.

Perhaps the idea of using crystals feels silly to some. And yet, opening up to the possibilities that crystalline entities can offer is synonymous to opening up to our own possibilities. Crystals are beautiful, unique, vibrational, earthy gifts. Holding them and caring for them is a compelling way to feel a sense of grounding. Similar to walking on grass barefoot, connecting with crystals brings us closer to nature — and our connection to nature is what makes us light, magnetic, manifesting beings of light.

Because there are so many different types of naturally forming crystals from different minerals and elements, they all carry different vibrational patterns. Looking deep within ourselves to understand what it is we need not only begins the process of reconnecting with our inner power and seeking that alignment, but also directs us to choosing which crystal may feel the most vibrant in a time of need— the best crystals for each of us, individually.

Autumn is a time of renewal. It’s about creating a nest for ourselves to feel peace, comfort, and release, so that we can rest and repair during the cold winter months and emerge unburdened come the spring. Here are some of the best crystals for inviting in an energy of abundance and release.

Smoky quartz

This beautifully mysterious, shadowy-grey yet crystal clear stone is one of grounding and metamorphosis. It’s both mystifying yet inviting. Smoky quartz is excellent for promoting self-reflection and rest. It helps us to look inward at some of our own shadows and through our own smoke and haze so that we can see our self-work more clearly, and work towards positive transformation. It’s a wonderful color for an autumn altar to help us embrace and connect with the season and all its unique gifts.


This amber- and honey-tinged stone radiates warmth as temperatures drop, bringing joyousness to the solitude that this weather brings. Citrine is associated with happiness, abundance, and the solar plexus chakra, making it excellent for creativity, motivation (when we just want to stay in our cozy covers on crisp autumn mornings), and manifestation for the months of growth to come.


This pitch black glossy and opaque stone is strong and sturdy. Originally used as a tool for slicing and piercing (think: knives and arrowheads), this stone is useful for releasing what — and perhaps who — does not serve our higher purpose or support our highest selves. It’s dark and moody, and its weight and properties are perfect to clutch while practicing cord-cutting or unbinding, cathartic meditations.


This stone appears grey at first — until it catches the light. Its hidden beauty becomes flashy and bright, like sparks flying in the fireplace. It offers insight, and supports intuition for a place to push off of. Think of it for transitions, fostering awareness, and igniting our third eye and crown chakras. It’s a really excellent stone for when we need clarity or help making decisions.

Crystals and stones are so personal, and sometimes a stone just feels right to you in a particular moment. That can be because of its color, its pattern, its shape, or the physical weight of it in your hand … or something inexplicable. You’ll know it when you feel it. There is no real list of “the best crystals,” because we all have our own unique vibration, just like they do. The best crystals for you are the ones that catch your eye, and just feel right. These are a wonderful place to start.