NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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CREATING AN ALTAR For The Season In Your Home

Creating an Altar for the Season in Your Home
Acknowledging and honoring change is a beautiful thing. Not only is it constant and inevitable, but in a practice of keeping ourselves attuned to changes in life, weather, seasons, the cosmos, and more, we allow ourselves to be fully aware of our surroundings. This gives opportunity for inspiration, alignment, excitement, acute perception, and pure joy.

Creating altars is a way to celebrate and practice this awareness. As we watch the phases of the moon, we can prepare ourselves for energetic shifts. Similarly, as we honor the changing of the seasons, we can create awareness around each, and find excitement in all four.

So often we hear people praise a specific season — and trust us, we’re thrilled it’s summer, too. But every season offers something exciting, something beautiful, and an opportunity for growth and creation. It allows us to reacquaint ourselves with our goals, our progress, and set new aspirations. And it’s a window of fortuity to acquaint ourselves with the local seasonal produce.

All of this awareness allows us to not pause time, but to exist in the present moment, rather than always existing for the future. When we exist for the future, we never really embrace living. Let’s be here, right now. To center that intention, here are some ideas for your at home altar:


There are so many beautiful earthen gems created by temperature and pressure, with many colors, textures, and vibrations to choose from. For summer, we love the warmth of citrine. This amber-golden crystal is motivational. It encourages action, self-expression, and feels refreshing. We catch a charge from this stone that attracts monetary success, as well as physical wellness — it helps to restore chemical balance to the body.


Of course, any candle can feel ritualistic, but we love tapered candles in all colors for a rustic, elegant look. Choosing a tapered candle can correspond with the vibe you want to cultivate (i.e. health, romance, seduction), the mood you’re in, or simply coordinate well with your space. We like a fiery red tapered candle to honor the summer heat.

Fruit and produce

We love to eat seasonally to honor nature’s growth patterns. Certain nutrients are available at certain times of the month for a reason, and we respect that. Eating seasonally fulfills our need for gut biodiversity, and is a fun way to get excited about the season’s offerings! This season, we’re placing some gorgeous peaches, nectarines, and summer citrus in our favorite bowl to grab from as they ripen, offering up our awareness and respect for nature doin’ its thang.

Incense or…

There is little more that’s as relaxing as the scent of your favorite incense filling your space with wafts of fragrant herbal smoke. We also love ethically harvested sage or palo santo to cleanse the space and energy, to shift into each new season as well as each new day. A unique herbal scent to burn to honor the heat of summer is a gorgeous and feminine cinnamon stick. Not only is this a natural insect repellent, but it attracts monetary success as well.

Natural element

Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is grounding. It aligns us more with nature itself, and adds an organic, earthy feel into our space. Look for something meaningful on a hike — maybe it’s a twig from the gorgeous manzanita tree, or some river stones. Buying flowers from your local farmers’ market is another fantastic way to invite nature inside — plus, the flowers from an open-air market are most likely going to be seasonal as well.

Charms or pendants

Anything that serves as a talisman to you is perfect to display here. Maybe it’s a favorite baroque pearl necklace you want to wear all summer with strappy dresses and tank tops. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s ring, or a special coin. Anything that provides a bit of shine and feels special or lucky to you — it will be if you believe in it.

Postcards or photos

Displaying an image of a loved one, or maybe someone you aspire to be like, is an expansive selection for your altar. It offers love, inspiration, and the manifestation of attracting what you want. It could even be a favorite postcard, an image of a significant seasonal moon cycle, or something you want to bring into your life. Law of attraction, baby.

An altar is truly personal. While these suggestions are all wonderful options, whatever speaks to you and feels right assembled together on your mantle, dresser, side table, or counter is perfect for aligning your awareness with the season and feeling inspired to create positive change for yourself and your home.