NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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A ROUTINE FOR Attracting What You Want

A Routine For Attracting What You Want

Receiving daily gifts in the form of meeting goals, expectations, and dreams doesn’t just happen. These things don’t just fall from the sky when we least expect them, and especially not if we don’t expect them to begin with. The modern human seems to be prone to negativity; in fact, we are catastrophists — expecting the worst, and dreading it on a loop.

Living in this cycle of worst-case scenario predictions keeps us from weighty disappointment when the worst happens, but also prevents us from manifesting the best. The Law of Attraction hardly needs a definition — we attract what we are, and we are what we attract. It’s the law. So when given the daily opportunity, why don’t we harness that power for good?

First of all, it’s harder than it seems. It’s not easy to look past all the possible not-so-favorable ways our day or experience can go. And in most cases, it’s a great idea to be prepared for the possible things that could go wrong. But in the grand scheme of life, shooting for the best, believing we can get there, and doing the work, one step at a time, is going to achieve greatness deserving of gratitude.

We’ve put together our founder Jen’s favorite morning routine for attracting exactly what she wants and needs each day. It’s a daily practice, and it’s not about asking for material things and having them — *plop* — simply arrive on our doorstep. It’s about aligning our thoughts and emotions with our goals right when we wake up each day, and focusing on them rather than peripheral worries that only distract us.

Slow deep belly breathing

We can do this while we’re sitting up, but we can even do it while we are still in bed. Place your hands on your stomach and breathe in deeply, but don’t hold it all in the chest. Let the breath fill all four corners of your torso, feeling your belly expand under your hands with every inhale, and flowing out from the belly first with every exhale. Practice breathing into your diaphragm in this way in the morning.

Balancing Yin/Yang with nostril breaths

We recommend sitting up for this one. Using your thumb and index finger with your hand in a hang-loose symbol (sup, surfers), practice plugging one nostril and inhaling through the other, and switching off, repeatedly. This is not only calming for the nervous system, but activates an even flow of energy.

Find focus

Stare at one point (preferably in nature) without blinking, and once you feel like you’re about to blink, close your eyes and continue to stare at that point in your mind. Then, engage in a spiritual practice to facilitate that generated energy, like yoga.


Jen follows this series with a morning meditation, which looks different for us all. We encourage everyone to practice finding what it looks like for them. For some, this can be somatic — this could mean touching, softly massaging, or petting oneself in loving ways. Or it could be a continuation of a breathing practice — something intentional, like box breathing to start. Perhaps those who are more seasoned meditators can sit in silence, observing but not being overcome by thoughts. It’s a practice, not a destination. There is no wrong way to begin, work on, or end your own path.