NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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THE Activewear Brands Jen Trusts

The Activewear Brands Jen Trusts

Whether you’re into yoga or pilates, spin class or HIIT class, daily walks or daily runs, we all are into workout clothes, no? And even if your cardio is running into Whole Foods for snacks, you’re probably into workout clothes. But as you no doubt know, finding the right brands can be an Olympic sport in itself. There are hundreds upon hundreds of brands — who’s to say one is better over the other? If it feels like a lifelong search to find elite sportswear, we see you. We get you. We ARE you.

But luckily, we know Jen. And Jen knows workouts — and workout clothes — like the back of her hand. Because Jen spends so much time in the gym (and her strong and healthy body reflects that), we trust her word. She’s put in the squats and the sweat in a number of workout gear, and searched (and maybe even suffered!) so we don’t have to. She also has extensive knowledge of the body, which comes in handy when choosing pieces that move with and for your body.

So, rest easy friends. The search is over. Jen’s got us covered — literally and figuratively. Let’s dive in.

DOYOUEVEN – Just like your parents have a favorite child (c’mon, we all know this is a thing), Jen has her favorite, go-to for workout clothes —- and this is it. This Australian brand just gets it when it comes to pieces that support you and give you style. In particular, Jen loves the seamless pieces, which are made of DOYOUEVEN’s seamless technology that’s lightweight but compressive. Without seams, there’s no digging into your body and cutting off your circulation, leaving lines imprinted into your body and an inability to … well, breathe. This brand also ranks high on Jen’s list because it’s more affordable than most other brands — you can score an elite sportswear set for around $100 bucks. Look good, workout good, and also leave your bank account good? We’ll take it.

NUX – On one hand, we all have our go-tos in life. On the other hand, we also have our flavors of the month. And this month, NUX is Jen’s. This brand is ethically sourced (yay, Earth!) and also focuses on seamless pieces, using advanced Italian knitting technology. While the leggings look like they should only fit the pinky finger of a newborn baby and not a grown woman’s body, they’re incredibly stretchy — yet somehow still offer a good amount of compression (if you haven’t noticed, compression is Jen’s holy grail and none of her workout clothes are without it!). Another big selling point? The brand is women-owned and run, and they’ve dedicated the brand to strong, beautiful women everywhere. Excuse us while we have a moment.

OYSHO – If you ever struggle with finding workout clothes that truly flatter your body no matter what body type you have, welcome home. You are all of us. We are you. But Jen swears by OYSHO, saying it “has a nice sculpting collection. And the fabric makes all the difference here.” And she’s not wrong. The Compressive Collection is made of high resistance compressive fabric — meaning that if you bent over, jumped up, karate kicked, and then got low to twerk (or got deep into a squat like Jen), it’s going to hold everything in and shape you, regardless of your movement. Plus, the fabric is designed to let moisture pass through it so you’re not seeping your own sweat after an intense session. Did we mention it also has UV protection? I mean, what’s not to love here? With tons of options, sets, and an entire category dedicated to “hot pants” (we get a thrill just saying this out loud), this elite sportswear brand is definitely worth checking out.

SET ACTIVE – If you’re into neutral workout sets that match, Jen recommends this brand. Jen loves a good neutral style moment, and if she can carry that into her workouts, she’s not going to pass that up. This brand is also mostly seamless, and has just the right amount of stretch and compression depending on the collection you choose — which means they’re great for those HIIT or weightlifting sessions. If you’re going for compression like Jen, you’ll want to choose a set with the SCULPTFLEX® fabric, which expands and contracts with your body. If you’re going for a softer, loungeable vibe, try their LUXFORM® fabric, which is like a second skin — super soft and buttery. Another reason Jen loves this elite sportswear brand? The cuts are both supportive and sexy, giving you yet another reason to stare yourself down in the gym mirror and snap a selfie (appreciate yourself!). And because these pieces are monochrome, you can stick with the sets or mix and match — and still look and feel put together.